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"A Fascist is someone who claims to
speak for a whole nation or group,
is utterly unconcerned with the
rights of others, and is
willing to use violence and
whatever other means are necessary
to achieve the goals
he or she might have."
~ Madeleine Albright

ArriveCAN App
where did the $54 million go?

Article with Video
House Committee investigates
the ArriveCAN app
Jan. 18, 2024
"This whole ArriveCan affair stinks ... we have multiple instances of people lying or accusing each other of lying ... what I'm most struck by is the coverup that we are seeing in the context of these hearings. "What's behind all this"? What is being covered up? What would we find out if we actually got the frank and honest and clear answers from public servants and consultants that we want?" ~ MP Garnett Genuis, 17 Jan. 2024 (click here to read/watch/listen).


Trudeau, Zelenskyy, Politicians
Cheer Waffen SS Vet
in Canada Parliament
with David Krayden on Redacted
Sep. 25, 2023
Pierre Poilievre says Trudeau was responsible for honouring Nazi vet and "must personally apologize. Mr. Trudeau must personally apologize and avoid passing the blame to others as he always does."

Justin Trudeau being Summer Slammed
by an India news outlet
for 9 straight minutes
Sep. 11, 2023

Greg Wycliffe @gddub on X:
It's disgusting to watch these CPC (Conservative Party of Canada) frauds continue to pander to fans of the Freedom Convoy.
Aside from a photo op and feeding us hollow talking points, the CPC has done NOTHING to help the cause of the convoy and the unvaccinated. They stood by and watched it all happen:
- Didn't condemn police violence
- Didn't condemn police lying and celebrating their "jack boots on the ground"
- Didn't challenge #POEC verdict
- Didn't call out Trudeau for lying under oath at #POEC
- Didn't call out the MANY LIES told about the convoy in the news and by sitting MPs
- Didn't defend Lich, Barber, Pawlowski, ANY political prisoners from convoy
- Didn't promote the National Citizens Inquiry @Inquiry_Canada
- Hasn't recognized the vaccine injured or ANYONE that was fired or is still out of work because of vaccine mandates
- Re-wrote history and said convoy was about the cost of living and NOT about vaccine mandates
The CPC watched us get lied about in the News, beaten by police, thrown in jail, fired from our jobs, ostracized from our families, dehumanized by the Prime Minister, had the Emergency Act used against a peaceful protest and then JUSTIFIED during a public inquiry, completely IGNORED the citizen led inquiry into the government's awful response to COVID. Poilievre and the CPC stood by and said NOTHING.
Seriously what have they done aside from desperately trying to look like the good guys in the situation by simply pointing at Trudeau? Nothing.
They preach "Trudeau bad" every 5 seconds yet they've perpetrated LIES about the convoy just like Trudeau and have been complicit in every single decision Trudeau has made in regards to lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and crushing the peaceful Trucker Convoy protest with police violence and politically motivated arrests.
These people are total frauds and are complicit in the worst of the WORST Trudeau policies and authoritarian actions that are ruining this country.
Link to original tweet
11:57 AM - Sep. 10, 2023

Video - Bill C-278
Prevention of Government-imposed Vaccination Mandates Act
An Act to prevent the imposition by the federal government of vaccination mandates for employment and travel
June 20, 2023

Hansard Text for Bill C-278

Video - Complete testimony of Shawn Buckley
Quebec City Day Two at the National Citizens Inquiry.
The Political Approval of the Covid Vaccine
A Constitutional Lawyer's Perspective
May 12, 2023
There is no mention of Safety or Effectiveness in the Approval Process.
Exhibit: QU-2 -Buckley-NHPPA-Discussion-Paper-COVID-19-Vaccine-Test-March-17-2023
Exhibit: QU-2a -Buckley-French-NHPPA Discussion Paper COVID-19 Vaccine Test Changes March 17 2023
Exhibit: QU-2b-Buckley-PPT Presentation Plain v3

Video - John Lennon "our society is run by insane people"
"I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends"
June 6, 1968

Video - Anthology of Justin Trudeau Gaslighting and Lying about Covid - Never Forget!
Apr. 25, 2023

Video - Complete testimony of Pascal Najadi
Ottawa Day 3 at the National Citizens Inquiry.
"Criminal charges have been brought against the Swiss Minister of Health for Lying"
May 19, 2023
Expert Witness - Author/Investment Banker
Exhibit: OT-3 -Najadi-AUTH_3591_12_21 – A complaint on behalf of UsForThem v Pfizer
Exhibit: OT-3a -Najadi-Dr. Bhakdi Letter March 18, 2023
Exhibit: OT-3b -Najadi-Filing-PN-Supreme Court NY-Manhattan-6.3.2023
Exhibit: OT-3c -Najadi-Unterschrift Stempel Befunde Pascal Najadi Blutanalyse Autoimmune Krankheit Prof. Dr. Brigitte Konig Stempel _ Unterschrift
Exhibit: OT-3d -Najadi-Image Men with Flag
Exhibit: OT-3f -Najadi-Flags Hammer Justice
Exhibit: OT-3g -Najadi-British Passport Cover
An intriguing presentation on his actions against Swiss authorities and the information he provides regarding how US companies have to abide by US law and regulations even outside the US and how this impacts the enforcement of covid vaccines worldwide.

Video - "The government lies"
The first obvious instance happened when American president Dwight D. Eisenhower denied the existence of a spy plane lost over the Soviet Union. On May 1, 1960, a US U-2 spy plane was shot down by the Soviet Air Defence Forces, pilot Francis Gary Powers survived and was captured.
Second, was the release of The Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg in 1971 which showed that the U.S. had secretly enlarged the scope of its actions in Vietnam while telling the public the exact opposite.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains.
July 4, 2023


Christian Leray 11:25:32 - 12:14:15
Click here to watch THIS testimony (en francais).
Lay Witness - Author and Media Specialist
Christian Leray, author and media specialist, expresses his concerns about the lack of transparency of Quebec authorities regarding information on illnesses and deaths related to COVID-19. Leray stresses the importance of truthful and accurate information to help people make informed decisions, and says governments and the media should not manipulate data to instill fear in the population. He encourages viewers to remain vigilant and demand transparency from their leaders to protect their health and rights.

Lyne Vandenplas 7:25:18 - 7:33:35
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Lay Witness
Exhibit: OT-14 -Vandenplas-AB – Summons
Exhibit: OT-14a -Vandenplas, Lyne-QC – Summons QC
Exhibit: OT-14b -Vandenplas, Lyne-Exhibit A -NCI Summons List
Exhibit: OT-14c -Vandenplas, Lyne-Testimony to NCI Regarding Summons Issued
NCI volunteer explaining the process of issuing summons to all the various health officials across provinces and territories.

Video - Complete testimony of Retired Police Officer Vincent Gircys
Toronto Day 3 at the National Citizens Inquiry.
"any law that is inconsistent with the Constitution of Canada has no force or effect."
April 1, 2023

Video - "They knew there was nothing to fear from Covid"
June 21, 2023

Video - We are witnessing the biggest corruption coverup in EU history
Mar. 1, 2023

Video - James O'Keefe Exposes BlackRock
June 21, 2023

Video - Secret memo exposes plan to mislead public about the vaccine
June 15, 2023

Video - They need to be held accountable for what they did to people

Video - Six-Foot Social Distancing Rule Was Completely MADE UP - Former FDA Commissioner
Sep. 19, 2021

Video - Does Canada legally or lawfully exist?
June 15, 2023

Video - Does England exist?
May 4, 2023

Video - Neil Oliver: "The Government practice of lying about why they're doing something is forever exposed"
May 27, 2023

Hansard (Parliament transcript)- "the audio and the video are really bad". Yet there is a transcript. - Feb. 19, 2022 8:45 am

Click here to listen for yourself.

Video - Anthology of Justin Trudeau Gaslighting and Lying about Covid - Never Forget!
Apr. 25, 2023

Video - Top Bureaucrats sought to cover up COVID vaccine injuries to protect "safe and effective" campaign
June 12, 2023

Video - Tucker Carlson Is PULLING DOWN The Curtain And Exposing Our Corrupt Government. 3rd Episode
June 14, 2023

Video - "What is going on at the Trudeau Foundation?" MP Brock questions Trudeau Foundation ex-CEO
June 14, 2023

Video - The Biggest Political COVER UP In Decades - Over 100 Politicians Involved In MAJOR Scandal
June 13, 2023

Video - Unprecedented Political Persecution
The Difference Between Trump, Hillary and Biden's Classified Docs
June 13, 2023

Video - Maybe it's time that Europe started to wake up! - MEP Clare Daly
May 10, 2023

Video - New Zealand state media censors Ukraine truth
June 21, 2023

Video - Biden to create new federal agency to track your behavior
May 26, 2023

Video - Clay Higgins claims Asset Managers use ESG investments to "Channel Funds For Political Objectives"
May 12, 2023

Video - Chip Roy rips Janet Yellen's claims about Spending and Taxes to Shreds
May 21, 2023

Video - Higgins battles Radical Climate Activism in Congressional Oversight Hearing
"It's a Code Red for humanity"
Sep. 19, 2022

Video - Post truth world
May 24, 2023

Video - Durham Report EXPOSES greatest crime in U.S. history?
May 16, 2023

Video - Lies They're Telling You About the Debt Ceiling - Ryan McMaken
June 1, 2023

Video - Neil Oliver: Whatever happened to government BY the people, OF the people, FOR the people?
June 10, 2023

Video - Sweden Pledges DRAMATIC Change
June 10, 2023

Video - Dick Russell, Dr. Kelly Victory, Dr. Drew discuss government corruption
June 21, 2023

Video - UK Party Time, Boris Johnson and "Party Gate"
June 19, 2023



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