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"A lie can travel halfway
around the world
while the truth
is putting on its shoes."
~ Mark Twain

Trudeau Can Now
JAIL Anyone
Feb. 9, 2024
Canada is on the brink of becoming a totalitarian state. Justin Trudeau and his radical leftist cohort have joined forces with the socialist NDP to transform our free democracy into a repressive dictatorship where dissent is criminalized.

HSBC Whistleblower EXPOSES
Trudeau's Role
In MASSIVE Scandal
Feb. 7, 2024
Have you been ruthlessly squeezed out of the housing market while corrupt Chinese millionaires snap up homes across Canada? Then direct your rage squarely at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his band of crooked Liberals.
A startling HSBC whistleblower leak proves Trudeau intentionally allowed a massive underground money laundering network to infiltrate Canada. Chinese criminal elites and regime cronies have been washing illicit funds through Canadian real estate right under Trudeau's nose for nearly a decade.

Criminality is rampant,
RCMP must
expand investigation
into ArriveCAN App
Feb. 15, 2024
Taxpayers paid 750 times more for the failed ArriveCan app, which made Liberal insiders millionaires. The RCMP must expand the investigation to explore evidence of forgery, fraud, obstruction of justice, and breach of trust by Trudeau government officials. Watch what the Procurement Minister has to say about it.

Trudeau CAUGHT
Feb. 2, 2024
The Trudeau government has once again opted to throw money at a problem of their own creation - announcing over $360 million of your hard-earned tax dollars to deal with the growing asylum seeker crisis.

Trudeau LIED
In Parliament
To Cover Up Scandal
Feb. 7, 2024
It has now been revealed that Justin Trudeau framed former House Speaker Anthony Rota and forced him to resign in order to escape accountability for being the one and only person responsible for the invitation of the Nazi veteran in parliament a few months back.

Street Drugs
Poilievre EXPOSES
Trudeau For Fueling
Feb. 15, 2024
In a scathing post on X, Poilievre slammed Trudeau for igniting a drug crisis engulfing communities across Canada. After nearly a decade of reckless policies enabling addiction and injection sites, Trudeau has lit a fuse causing intolerable harm. His taxpayer-funded drug distribution has attracted hordes of addicts and dealers, igniting racist rage from Left wing extremists against innocent citizens trying to protect their neighborhoods.
Meanwhile, Trudeau ignores the pleading concerns of Canadians suffering the effects of his social engineering experiments gone wrong. Neighborhoods from coast to coast have descended into open-air drug markets and urban decay. But Trudeau stubbornly persists, worsening the emergency by funneling drugs into communities already reeling.

Trudeau Caught
RIGGING the Senate
Feb. 1, 2024
When Prime Minister Trudeau appointed a wealthy businessman to the Senate last week, he lauded the new "independent" member. But records reveal Trudeau omitted a dark secret - this senator's history of generous Liberal donations.

NEW Evidence
Could END
Trudeau's Reign
Feb. 4, 2024
A sinister betrayal is unfolding in the halls of power in Ottawa. The Trudeau government stands accused of deliberately handicapping Canada's intelligence services while selling out our national secrets to foreign meddlers. This is nothing less than treason against the Canadian people.

Danielle Smith's
bank account
Feb. 6, 2024
Justin Trudeau is making it clear that you do not question the government of Canada. They are now discussing withholding funds for Alberta if Danielle Smith follows through on her newest bill.

"Have You No Shame"
MP Cooper Nails Trudeau
& House Leader
on Waffen SS Hunka Affair
Feb. 13, 2024
At the House of Commons Committee, MP Michael Cooper asks why Prime Minister Trudeau won't apologize for inviting Hunka, a Waffen SS Nazi, to a Government of Canada reception and pretending that he was not vetted for the House of Commons where Hunka received 2 standing ovations. The Chair and Liberal MPs duck and cover for each other because they have no answer. House Leader MacKinnon laughed when asked if he "has no shame."

Justin Trudeau
called out for
'burning 100 tons
of greenhouse gases'
on VIP flights
Jan. 30, 2024
Canadian Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre has called out Justin Trudeau for burning "a hundred tons of greenhouse gases" during his private jet flights. Mr. Poilievre said the Prime Minister's vacation totalled to "$80,000". "He took two, not one - two private jets paid for by the taxpayer," the Opposition Leader said. "Burning a hundred tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. "He wants to tax the heat and the food of Canadians - did he pay the full carbon tax on each of the 100 tonnes of emissions that he put into the atmosphere as part of his $80,000 vacation?"

Poilievre Stuns
on ArriveScam
LAUGHS Trudeau
out of the House
Feb. 14, 2024
Pierre Poilievre brings down the House with this remark. When he declares "WTF?" about Trudeau's ArriveScam, the fidgety Speaker asks him to retract it. Instead, Poilievre translates WTF as Where's The Funds?



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it will defend itself
~ Saint Augustine
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